What are Flower and Vibrational Essences?

They are liquid solutions made from natural sources such as flowers, trees, crystals etc. resonating at high energetic frequencies. They are usually taken as drops under the tongue,

or rubbed onto pulse or chakra points. Each essence is unique,

addressing different emotional and mental aspects of wellbeing.

They are a great support for when you may be feeling stressed, sad, worried or adjusting to difficult changes in your life.

How do they work?

You receive a vital energetic life force that constantly sends life giving energy throughout your body. This is received firstly through the energetic 'subtle body' that is layered next to the physical body.

When you feel safe, loved and secure, this essential life force flows freely into, and throughout, your body, flooding you with joyful energy at the deepest cellular level of your being. This releases feel-good hormones along the way, enabling you to relax, be creative and enjoy life.

When you're anxious, depressed or fearful, your energy flow becomes restricted or blocked.

The effect of this can cause poor emotional and mental health, which may then spiral down into physical illness, preventing you from enjoying life to the full.

Flower and vibrational essences work at the level of the energetic 'subtle body' (sometimes called the emotional body), by alleviating negative emotions that may block the natural flow of energy throughout the physical body. This supports a more positive outlook and experience to emerge, as balance and harmony is restored to your body, mind and spirit.

"They cure not by attacking dis-ease, but by flooding our bodies with beautiful vibrations of our higher nature, in the presence of which, disease melts as snow in the sunshine."

Dr. Edward Bach, creator of the Bach Flower remedies

John Smith



Full consultation - 1 & 1/2 hours

£55 including individually made remedy

Follow up appointment within 3 months - 1 hour

£40 including individually made remedy 

                   ''I want to say how much gratitude and appreciation I

hold for Dawn in my heart. Having just had the start of

the adventure of a lifetime, I know that none of it would

have been possible if I hadn't gone to see her.

None of the love and fulfilment and joy

and sheer happiness of 'just being' would have found

it's way to me, nor I to it. Thank you. I cannot truly

express how much you have given me.'' G.G. Student

"It brings my attention back to myself

when I take one of Dawn's remedies.

When I lose my centre I feel uncomfortable, uneasy.

Taking an essence brings me back into alignment

with my feelings of happiness, and at ease

with what's going on in my life" K.C. Teacher & Craft Maker

"I was amazed and enthralled from start to finish

by the process of using these flower remedies.

Whilst in some ways a very subtle and intuitive

experience, I also found the effects of

my treatments both enlightening and affirming

and ultimately successful in my healing.

I would recommend Dawn whole-heartedly

to anyone looking for a very thorough treatment

using flower essences" M.N. Teacher & Artist